Shawn (U S A)

Shawn (U S A)
Shawn来自美国华盛顿,毕业于美国西弗吉尼亚大学教育心理学专业,持有TESOL教师资格证书,在从事教育前的工作是红酒经销商, 去年开始心理辅导工作, 主要对像是社区和夏令营. Shawn喜欢与人沟通交流,帮助他们充分发挥主观能动性.
Shawn King is from Washington D.C., United States of America. Shawn attended West Virginia University in America, where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in psychology while studying sociology and education on the side. He spent 3 ½ years working as a sales representative for a wine distributor before eventually deciding to return to his teaching roots. Last year Shawn was teaching students with autism. He provided a lot of one on one tutoring while also facilitating small social groups and summer camps. Ultimately, Shawn loves working with people and helping them reach their full potential. 
In his free time he loves being outside in nature soaking up sunshine. He enjoys doing many activities including traveling, jogging, biking, hiking, yoga, and simply laughing and hanging out with friends. 

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