Hi, my name is Vincent.  I'm from the United States.  I have a Bachelor's degree in English Language and Literature from Indiana University.  I also completed a TESOL course in Harbin specializing in teaching English to Chinese students.  I have experience teaching all ages and levels both at home in the United States and here in China.

My first job in China was teaching English at a kindergarten.  When teaching small children a teacher must keep classes very interesting or the kids become bored quickly.  But I also believe that the same principle applies when teaching adults: if students are interested and having fun then they will want to study harder and pay attention more.

Most Chinese students have studied English for many years but the methods their teachers use are boring and repetitious.  They are probably only studying to get a good exam score so they only know how to read and write; they don't know how to use English when speaking and listening.  I want to provide my students with a fun but challenging environment where they can practice what they learn with a native speaker.  I want my students to feel confident about speaking English with foreigners, whether they use their English for a job, for travel abroad, or just for fun.

Join us at Owen College where we know how to teach and how to have a good time!

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