study during playing,play during studying

study during playing,play during studying
Yang shuo is a beautiful place ,I like each time can go out with everybody together ,we just like a big family, In such leisure environment with the beautiful scenery ,it is amazing ,how wonderful it is ! This weekend our activity was barbecuing sweet potatoes ,I do like this idea ,even though I ate a lot of sweet potatoes before ,I never try to barbecue them . And we also have other delicious food , hand-made hamburgers, sweet potatoes soup ,wow ,when I heard it ,I was watering….
  It was a funny day today on Saturday ,everything seemed great ,after preparing all the things, Mr. Liu drove us by the small school bus, “ready ,let’s go ” !
Just a moment , we arrived the Li river, near the river we found a good place to barbecue! Everyone was doing their positively , we all were so happy ,some students were riding horses and some student were taking bamboo raft,, some were making fire cook the sweet potatoes , barbecue  sweet potatoes, made hamburgers and so on, everyone was so busy but so happy, there had many kind of delicious food ,can u imagine that put the purple and yellow sweet potatoes mix up and made a soup in such a nice place ,with the hills and water surrounding! What a nice picture it is ! time for eating, our hamburger with meat ,hot-dog ,and fresh lettuce ,and sweet potatoes soup ,we couldn’t help eating ,“wow,great, fantastic”,what you made by yourself is different !
It was unforgettable day today! Each moment in owencollege will be our best memories, thank for giving us such nice days! 




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