Sweet potato barbecue

 Sweet potato barbecue
 Last weekend, we attend an amazing barbecue activity. This isn’t a normal barbecue activity, we barbecued purple sweet potato, which is a special product in Yangshuo. We went to buy sweet potatoes and fruit in the early morning, and then we came back and did some preparations. At 2:00 pm, we attended assembly and took the school bus on the freedom way.
 When we arrived the destination, we found the place we arrived has picturesque scenery, just on the opposite of the West, beside the Li river. Guided by main cook Liuhai, we worked in cooperation with a due division of labor: picking up the firewood, making fire, cooking sweet potato soup. After finishing the preliminary work, we waited the professional cooks cooking for us. Some students barbecue the sweet potatoes and some fried bacon and sausage for making hamburger. During waiting for the delicious food, we talked with foreign teachers and classmates. Somebody found a very interesting entertainment: riding horse in this plain. We hired horses from their host, 10yuan each time. We take photos for each other, and enjoy this moment. What a beautiful life~! When we smelt the good smell from bacon and sweet potato, we knew it’s time for dinner! It’s an awesome thing when you eat in a wild place and make the food by yourself! After dinner, we play lots of interesting games, such as eagle catch chick., game fowl and so on. We really spent a wonderful day and enjoyed our activity.
 We have spend a good time together , and we will always remember this wonderful moment .Owen college just like a big family, everybody knows each other very well.. And we will cherish the good memory~!
                                              By Joy


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