Volunteer English Teacher (V.E.T.) Program

Come and Help the Children of South China

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In China, many families still live in extreme poverty. This is especially true of the mountain villages of the Guilin/Yangshuo area of Guangxi Province where many farm families live a meager existence on a bit of land. They struggle to send their children to the local elementary schools even as the Chinese Government provides for nine years of free compulsory primary and middle school education.

V.E.T. is dedicated to placing volunteer English teachers in the poor rural schools to give underprivileged children a distinctive advantage in learning the English language, in particular oral English, and to introduce the children to foreign cultures and visitors so that they may learn to feel comfortable among people from all over the world. For a week or more volunteers to this beautiful region will have an experience of a lifetime. V.E.T. will provide free transportation to and from the 5 Yangshuo rural schools covered by the program. Volunteer English teachers will conduct two 40 minutes classes each day in the afternoon. For giving a week or more of your time, free accommodation and some meals will be provided.

The benefits to the children are numerous and invaluable. Besides being able to pass English tests to continue with education, they will have acquired the ability to speak (even) a little English and to feel comfortable around foreigners, which will help considerably when they are looking for a job in the future especially in tourist rich Yangshuo and the surrounding regions. Even a few hours a week practicing basic/oral English and reinforcing what their Chinese English teachers have taught them will help tremendously.

Yangshuo/Guilin is ranked as the second most popular tourist destination in China, second only to The Great Wall. Come and give your time to Yangshuo's village children and have an enriching and rewarding holiday in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

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