Howdy ya’ll. My name is David. I hail from the state of California in the U.S. of A. I grew up in San Diego with my dad, mom, and brother, but have a total of three brothers and one sister.I graduated from University of California at Santa Barbara with a degree in business economics. After graduating, I pursued commercial real estate for one year before deciding I wanted to see some more of the world before really I got locked into a career.Coming to teach at Owen College in Yangshuo was one of the best decisions I have made in my life. I have been teaching adults here since February 2012 and find it incredibly rewarding and exciting. I enjoy knowing that I am helping these students fulfill their desires to learn English, while at the same time acquiring a plethora of knowledge about Chinese culture and myself. Whether or not you have considered teaching in China, I fully encourage you to break free of your comfort zone and embark on a true adventure. Yangshuo is the perfect mix of authentic Chinese culture and Western amenities. The staff at the school is incredibly helpful and very friendly, and the students are a pleasure. I implore you, break out of your shell and follow your dreams!

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