Hi ,This is  Heaven .I am back to my college .In Owen college ,I was very happy .and I learnt so much here .Eli and Anna are my foreign teachers . I want to say thank you to them .Anna taught us vocabularies, direction, resume and so on .she always tried her best to teach us ,though she is very old . her ambition is teaching more Chinese people to learn English well .Eli also is a good teacher .I like talking with him .because he always supported and encouraged us .he always said some positive things to us .let us  have strong confidence in our life .
        I think I was very lucky during in Owen college .because I made many friends there . including some foreigners. we talked to each other in  English .during breakfast ,lunch, dinner time ,we ate get together, and I learnt that our desk culture was different from them .and they thought Chinese food is very good .they are very friendly to us ,and we had a good time .At the same time ,there have some friends ,they had worked few years .and came back to learn English .So I learnt so much from them .English is very important to us .and I should study hard , and do my best to do something .because I am still a student .and I have much time to learn more things .If I have lot of knowledge in my mind ,it is easy for me to adapt to the society .
          Though it was only 2 weeks stay in Owen college , I think my oral English has improved a lot .before I came to Owen college ,I don't know how was my oral English .because I was not often  talk with foreigners .and when I talked with them ,I always feel nervous at first, but  now I don’t have this feeling ,I can talk with them naturally and assertorically .I feel better than before .so I have changed myself.
         Yangshuo's scenery is very beautiful .there are so many bars . We always went to this bars to practise our Oral English ,that was fantastic .I am real happy very much .I hope I can come back Yangshuo and come back Owen college again.
          All the best!!!
           your friend






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